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Why Vegan?

We all know why someone should switch to a vegan lifestyle, so instead we will explain why vegan web hosting. Just in case you want a refresher on why someone should be vegan, we really like Vegan Outreach's flyer.

Web Hosting is vegan by default. No animals are harmed in the hosting of web sites. So why a vegan web hosting company?


As a vegan, you only spend your money on vegan items. Unfortunately, anytime you choose to support a non-vegan business, even when purchasing vegan options or getting a service, portions of the profits will be spent on continuing animal exploitation. You are voting with your dollars. Every time you purchase goods and services from a vegan owned and operated business, you know your money will be used only in ways that agree with your own ethical values. For these reasons, we believe its best for vegans to try to buy as much as possible from vegan sources, not just vegan products. Think of it as keeping your money vegan.

VeganWebHosting is meant to provide you with an option to keep your money vegan when you get a website.

As a thank you for being vegan and for keeping your money vegan, we often have exclusive promos.