Vegan owned

My name is Martin Hostinsky and I am the owner of VeganWebHosting. I have been vegan since late 2005 and I love it. I have been in the web hosting industry since early 2005 and decided to start my own web hosting company (Manicanet) in 2008. I just started (mid 2013) offering our services under a second name (VeganWebHosting) to offer special promotions to our vegan customers.

About VeganWebHosting

We are a web hosting company dedicated to providing the best hosting on the internet. As you are probably aware, finding a good web host is extremely difficult. We've tried many other hosting companies in order to find what problems exist that we could fix in order to design the perfect hosting solution. Good hosting is very important to your business because your website is the first impression your customers get.

How are we different?

  • We are honest. We don't advertise unrealistic (and untrue) services (such as unlimited storage) and then restrict you to something completely different in the fine print
  • Absolute best support. Ever had the feeling that you know more than the person providing support to you? You won't get that from us.
  • No suspended web hosting. We don't turn off websites just because they become popular.
  • No crowded servers. We don't jam thousands of websites on one server. We keep the website to server ratio as low as possible in order to keep the websites fast and reliable.
  • We care about your success. Our customers' success is critical to our success.

Our mission

Our goal is to help you grow and succeed with your business. We wouldn't exist without our clients, therefore we rely on your success. We will work as hard as possible for you and hope that our reputation as the best keeps spreading.