Earn money referring people to VeganWebHosting

Endless income

The referral fee is not just a one time fee, as long as the customer remains a customer, you will earn your commission.

Earn 20%

At the end of every month the customer's account is active, you will earn 20% of their bill for any shared hosting plans they have.

Get free hosting

You can spend your referral income to pay for your own hosting.

Withdraw as cash

You can withdraw your earnings via paypal anytime you have at least $20 in earnings, or you can request a mailed cheque anytime you have $40 in earnings.

No account needed

You do not need to be a hosting customer in order to earn referrals. You just need to send new customers to us.

We can set you up to offer your own hosting through us. You can charge your customers whatever price you want. Please contact us to discuss it.